My Opinion: Outrage over Urban Outfitters Ad

I love Urban Outfitters. 
I love LOVE. 
I love friendship. 
I love people.
I love uniqueness.
I love public displays of affection.

One Million Moms (OMM), an organization who I hope has nowhere near one million supporters... has a new target for its homophobic rage. After they failed miserably at getting Ellen DeGeneres removed as JC Penney’s newest spokesperson, these "Million Moms" have turned their hatred towards Urban Outfitters. 

Why you ask? Simply because in UO newest catalog there is a photo of two girls in a loving embrace kissing...

This is 2012...right??

I really don't think that showing love for another human being should make such an outrage. Girls love girls. Girls love boys. Boys love boys. Boys love girls. What's the problem??

One Million Moms stated that “The content is offensive and inappropriate for a teen who is the company’s target customer.” 

Really?? I believe that the generation that is NOW is growing up with better outlooks on life. We are not afraid to love who we want to, dress how we want to, speak up for ourselves... I don't think that an ad is really inappropriate when people KNOW inside whether or not they are gay. It's not going to make a difference if they see a photo in their favorite stores catalog. People know INSIDE who they are.

I think these One Million Moms should focus their negative eye on something that endangered animals, the environment, charity, cancer awareness, AIDS awareness... They really should be using their free time and resources to help take a stand and make a difference! One Million Moms is making girls/boys/men/women afraid to come out in fear of what people will say/think. 


Kiss who you want to, love who you want to...Enjoy life! It's too short to be anything but happy. 




Megan said...

The owner of Urban Outfitters (and anthropologie and Free People) gave a large contribution to the Rick Santorum campaign for the Republican nomination so I wouldn't be surprised if this company caved to pressure from this organization.

Yajaira said...

great post
I like the ad.
I'm looking at what the girls are wearing - cute sandals
loving the high low dress in lace.