Ryan Gosling: Style

All the ladies love Ryan Gosling. So do some men (secretly I'm sure). 

He's charming. He's stylish. He's witty. 

I first fell in lust with him when he was on Breaker High...I had a huge crush. Then, in The Notebook he turned into every woman's fantasy man. In every movie he is in, we just fall deeper into a "Gosling Coma".

He broke up a fight in the street. He saved a woman from getting hit by a taxi. He rode his bike around Toronto when he dated Rachel McAdams. He is THE man.

I am sharing with you guys all of the photos that not only make me drool but make me want my boyfriend to dress like him. 

So here we go, grab some napkins just in case you drool on your keyboard.

Enjoy :)



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So what? He has no shirt on. This is THE BEST photo!

Now this would make a nice Christmas gift...

The award winning kiss

See, told you you needed napkins.

1 comment

yo said...

I would turn gay (secretly) but I hesitate as he looks a bit short, I cant fancy a guy shorter then me sorry.
I like the sunglasses look though, I'd have those