Tuesday Style Inspiration

Tuesday's Style Inspiration is...(drumroll please)


 I love Keira's personal style. It's effortlessly chic and edgy. She is known for wearing floral dresses with combat boots and started the birkenstock trend a few years back. I love her look! She is vintage boho with a touch of class.

When I was 17 I actually got my hair cut pixie style like Keira's character in the movie Domino. I absolutely adored my hair!

Keira is also the face of Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle. She's gotten the style nod of approval from Karl Lagerfeld, so of course she must have something special.

Keira sometimes can get confused with Natalie Portman. They look very similar! Actually, a fun fact for you guys Keira played one of Queen Amidala's handmaidens in Star Wars. The Queen was played by Natalie Portman and the handmaidens were meant to look like Natalie. Cool huh?!

Keira is also friends with Sienna Miller, and they are seen out together quite often. It's funny; they have similar style!

One of my favorite Vogue issues was the one with Keira on the cover and the spread was taken in Africa with elephants and she is wearing Frye boots. I am obsessed with that shoot! See the photos below and get inspired!

The photos below I have collected over the years so I am not sure of the sources.



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