Gossip Girl Review: Raiders of the Lost Art

It was the return of the scheme team!

This was the best Gossip Girl episode I have seen since the days of Season One. Queen B was back in full force, and working together with Nate, Serena, Chuck (YES!!), and Serena-Light Lola.

I guess you should really call this episode Raiders of the Lost Bart. You'll see why in just a moment!

Step by Step Guide of what happened last night:

  1. Dan is "stuck" and has a writers block. Goes looking for inspiration. Has a lunch date with Blair thought! (gross. hated this relationship since the beginning).
  2. As you know from the previous episode, Nate stole Diana's day planner. Nate and Chuck are teaming up to uncover the REAL secret. Is Jack Bass Chuck's father? Diana Payne is NOT Chuck's mother even though she admitted to it. Chuck tries to read the day planner, but has trouble with it because it is all written in code.
  3. Lola and Nate are on speaking terms again, and want to take Serena OFF of the Gossip Girl site. Uh oh, this could get messy!
  4. Dan meets with his Editor and she sets him up on a lunch date with a surprise person. So he cancels his lunch with Blair.
  5. Chuck goes to Blair for help decoding the day planner. Since Dan made other plans for lunch, she agrees. Right back to where she belongs, with Chuck!
  6. Dan goes to lunch and is offered a spot at the prestigious literary retreat in Rome. He has until that evening to respond with his answer. He is hesitant because of his love for Blair.
  7. Lola goes to see Serena to discuss the day planner that Nate stole from Diana. Serena agrees to help.
  8. You see Serena tell Diana that Nate has her day planner.
  9. Serena and Diana work together. Serena wants Gossip Girls phone number, and Diana wants her day planner back.
  10. Serena goes to steal the day planner from Nate, and goes to the Empire. Chuck and Blair show up, Blair has the day planner in her purse. Dan calls so she leaves her day planner unattended. Blair explains shes in a scheme with Chuck. Dan gets nervous.
  11. Serena steals the day planner from Blair's purse and tries to leave.
  12. Everyone stops her while she is in the elevator.
  13. Serena decides to be with "the team" to help to find out the secret
  14. Blair sends Dorota to Diana's room to pose as a massage therapist. They bug they room to hear the conversation. 
  15. Blair decodes the day planner, has a phone number. Chuck calls and gets the address.
  16. Dan sees Blair get into a limo with Chuck on the way to the "address"
  17. Dan follows in a cab.
  18. When Blair, Nate, and Chuck arrive at the "address" it looks like a brothel. Chuck and Blair look for a "room" when in reality they are searching for Jack Bass.
  19. Lola follows Serena when she gives Diana the day planner back (Blair was finished decoding, and gave it to Serena). Serena gets Gossip Girls phone number, and Lola puts the number to GPS it to find her location.
  20. Lola and Serena arrive at the "address" , say they are "India's girls", and they change into black dresses and leave their belongings in a changing room.
  21. Dan is parked outside in a taxi waiting to see something.
  22. Dan calls and turns down the retreat.
  23. Diana calls security and has the place cleared out, just as Blair opens a door and sees.... BART BASS!!!!!!!!!!! He's alive!!!!!
  24. Blair confronts Jack, and he begs her not to tell anyone.
  25. While security is clearing out everyone, Serena literally just misses finding out who Gossip Girl is. She is pushed in the other direction.
  26. Chuck and Blair speak outside the house. She is clearly upset, he asks that all they have been through just to tell him whats going on. She tells him when the house is quiet, and everyone is gone, to go back inside. He has his driver take her home.
  27. Lola and Nate find Diana in the house.
  28. Serena finds Lola, Nate and Diana. Tries to make a post to Gossip Girl and finds out that Lola and Nate schemed with Gossip Girl herself to get Serena to the house with her laptop so she could take the site back. 
  29. Dan meets up with Blair in Brooklyn at the loft. He is clearly still upset, jealous and everything else over her being with Chuck all day. Before leaving to grab dinner together, he tells her he loves her. She doesn't say it back. He also lies to her about turning down the retreat in Rome. He tells her someone else was chosen instead.
  30. Serena is lost again, no Gossip Girl, no job. Back to square one. What will the It Girl do now? 

My thoughts on the final 2 episodes of the season are:
  • Blair and Chuck will start spending a lot more time together. 
  • Dan will go to Rome. Alone.
  • Blair and Chuck will hopefully end up back together!
  • Serena will start on a new path of something wonderful. Better than ever before.
  • Nate and Lola will stay together. But for how long I wonder?
  • Rufus and Lily will get a divorce (this season, maybe next season) I mean the secret will for sure come out about Bart Bass being alive! 
What did you guys think of last nights episode? I thought it was brilliant!



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