Weekly Fashion Inspiration: Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler is one of those naturally beautiful women, plus she is extremely talented. 

She is not the standard hollywood starlet, this girls got curves! 

Her style is very laid back and easy; but she always looks good! 

I find the most hard days to get dressed are those in which you have no plans. How can you put together something fabulous but comfortable?

Liv is the perfect example of how to dress properly on your days off. When she is seen on her days off and she's walking her dog or bringing her son, Milo, to school; she is wearing comfortable but really put together outfits. 

A staple for Liv's casual street style attire is: Converse

She rocks them! Converse are perfect for mothers. They are still cool but they allow you to run after your child if necessary!

Not only does Liv rock the sidewalk; she rocks the red carpet too! She is always elegant and dazzling. 

I hope these photos of Liv help inspire you! 

Enjoy the week!

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