Miley Cyrus : Weekly Inspiration

Every week (every day really) I get inspired by something new and exciting. 

Sometimes, it's a stranger on the street with fabulous pink hair wearing Doc Martens, and other times it might be someone famous like Miley Cyrus or Blake Lively. 

This week, I am so inspired by Miley Cyrus's style. Have you checked our her twitter page recently? The girl is rockin vintage Chanel and wearing lots of sexy American Apparel clothing. Besides the fact I love her tweets (hello positive thinker!) I really look forward to her photos! She really isn't afraid to voice her opinion, and in a world with people who jump on bandwagons and are so completely closed minded...this makes me love her even more (as a person, not only as a singer/style icon/actress).

Enjoy this week's inspiration! If you want to buy a piece she's wearing let me know! I have the list of where to buy the items (most of them anyways)



“Happiness does not depend on what you have or who you are, it solely relies on what you think.” - Buddha

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