Musical Monday

Happy Monday readers! 

If the weekdays were a family, Monday would totes be the ugly, mean stepsister. I want to be in bed right now! But, off I am to work all day. 

In order to make my Monday happier I always need some amazing music to listen to in the car or I might as well stay home (cranky-pants!). Today, I listened to the below songs and it was awesome. Although, I do still feel the need to fill the kitchen sink with coffee, put my head in it and suck! I am one tired girl, but that just means I had a fabulous weekend...right?!

What are your Monday rituals? 

P.S. Another way to start your Monday off right is to wear a killer outfit and even better heels... Also, watching funny clips of Michelle Tanner on Full House kinda makes my life way better! Remember to smile today folks! You only live once, and sun is good for your teeth.



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