Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D

Be yourself and you can be ANYTHING!!!

Katy Perry's 3D movie was released worldwide TODAY. In some places, there was special releases (lucky ducks) and they received special 3D glasses and limited edition posters!

Sadly, I didn't get to go to a special screening of the movie but I did get some pretty snazzy cotton candy pink and sky blue 3D glasses!

This movie made me laugh, cry and just fall in love with Katy Perry even more than I was already! 

The backstage glimpse into her life on her sold out 2011 tour for Teenage Dream was amazing. You could see for yourself that Katy is a real woman; unique, down to earth, with a crazy sense of humour. 

You can a inside look at the people who help Katy on a daily basis; who designs her crazy costumes, what her assistant does, her make-up artist and so many more. 

I found it interesting to see video's that Katy had made when she was 18, basically it looked like an online video diary. It really let you know what she was feeling and how she felt. 

You also get to see a view into Katy's past; singing christian music when she was 15, her first gospel album, her struggles in LA when she first starts out on her own, the moment Katy's music vision changed, the first time she heard herself on the radio (I kissed a girl...). This movie was filled with very special moments in Katy's life, and it allows fans to really get to know the real Katy. 

One of my favorite scenes was with Katy's grandmother, it was honestly so funny. I won't say anything more so that you all can enjoy it for yourselves when you see the movie!

When it was the time in the movie where her marriage to Russell Brand falls apart it was hard not to cry along with the crying Katy on the screen. Everyone can have a broken heart, and it was actually hard to watch someone who always is so happy and bubbly for her fans, worn down to the bone and full of sadness. 

This is such an inspiring story. Katy tells her fans "Thank you for believing in my weirdness". Really, her music and this movie go hand in hand in helping others accomplish their dreams and giving people strength and confidence in themselves. Katy makes you realize it's okay to be different, it's better than okay actually. Be yourself, everyone else is already taken!

I want to see this movie again...and again...and again! It was wonderful, and fan or not a fan you will enjoy it I promise you! 

It's out in theaters everywhere, so I suggest you go see it! It's a real treat. 

Let me know if you saw the movie and what you thought!! 



Check out some photos from the movie below!!

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