A Beautiful You -- Defining your Personal Style

A Beautiful You--Defining Your Personal Style

The bottom line is when we look good, we feel good. When you see a woman walking down the street or entering into a room, what are your eyes drawn to? The real "attention getters" are those who have self-confidence, whose beauty shines from the inside out, and who are not afraid to be themselves. These traits define a woman's beauty and style!

Tidbit to Achieving Fabulous Confidence
 The first step is to define a personal style that reflects your personality, your uniqueness--one that you are comfortable in. So, let's take a moment to consider the different aspects of personal style and to determine yours, so that you can be on your way to show stopping beauty and personality!

Identifying your personal style is centered on essentially four determinations:
·         What you like
·         What you do
·         What you already wear
·         What you would love to wear
Considering each of these areas will allow you to determine a style that is perfect for you and that works. Don’t just outfit and “wish” you could pull that look off—go out and try it. Dare to get out of your daily routine. Shine brighter than the sun and bask in your beauty.
Work your wardrobe from the ground up. Find the perfect pair of shoes, and don’t be afraid to add accent jewelry to any style. An ankle bracelet or toe ring will give a subtle added flare your look that others will notice this summer.  Those are the kind of red carpet tidbits that will give you that extra boost and tie your look together!
No matter what style you choose, making sure it defines you and is uniquely your own allows you to put your best face forward. Be an attention getter and let your personal beauty shine.

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