Elizabeth Olsen : Pink Hair

Elizabeth Olsen is now a household name. 

Not only known for her two older sisters (hint: they are twins) but for her superb acting skills. 

Elizabeth recently traded her beautiful blonde locks for a pink wig for a magazine cover. 

Elizabeth covers the fall 2012 issue of Bullett Magazine with fierce pink hair.

I will most definitely be buying this issue! Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have been in my life since I can remember, it's kind of a life long things since I own basically every single film they have ever be in... on VHS and DVD haha. 

Lizzie (as MKA fans know her as) is not the first Olsen to go pink. Mary-Kate has been adventurous with her  hair in the past as well.

Would you ever consider dying your hair pink?

I had pink tips on my hair and I loved it, thinking of doing it for Fashion Week!



--Apologies, blogger is not allowing me to insert photos into this post. Working on a fix--

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