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Enough to put a jump in your step

There’s no getting away from it, the Olympics are on their way and this summer is all about getting up, getting out and getting sporty.  Whether you’re looking for a good sports shoe that will give you the boost you need on the pitch or on the track, or are simply trying to get the sports look without having to do the legwork, you’re going to need something that’s well made, feels good and won’t let you down.

There are some brands you just know are going to tick all the boxes. Invariably, these are the ones that have been around for a while, and never seem to lose their appeal. The ones where quality doesn’t mean sky high prices and the ones that put just as much weight on purpose as they do on style.

Nike footwear has long since proven its worth – with long lasting, hard working shoes that are designed to help you pick up the pace.

Whether you’ve decided it’s time to run that marathon, or you’re off to try your hand on the tennis court – it’s important to have the right shoe for the right sport when getting active.

Running shoes

A good running shoe should be well made and gel to the shape of your foot. It needs to be fitted so it won’t rub, yet give you the flexibility to go that extra mile. Running shoes also need to have a thick sole. Hours and hours of pounding the pavement is tough on the knees, so you’re going to need something that will protect you from any serious injuries along the way.

Football boots

A good football boot needs flexibility first and foremost. Don’t forget that you’re putting your feet and joints through the mill. You’re going to need something with good shock resistance that won’t damage your muscles, whilst also allowing you to feel exactly what is going on.

Basketball boots

Basketball is rapidly becoming one of the most popular sports in the UK. If you’re going to give it a try, you’ll need the right boot. Good grip will keep you upright on the court, and ankle support will ensure that you don’t fall short. This is an intensive sport where you’ll be running and jumping on hard surfaces, so it’s important that you get hold of the best shoe available.

Just Do It

If sport really isn’t your thing and you just want something comfortable that’s a great all round shoe, Nike footwear is an ideal choice for busy people on the go. Designed to be put through their paces, sports shoes aren’t just about the running and jumping. They’re also a great fashion piece as well.

So whatever you’re doing, get into the swing of things this year and welcome the Olympics by getting up and in the mood. There’s no better time to get active, giving you the chance to find that new, healthier version of yourself. We know you’ll feel inspired this year and we do too. So, whatever your goal is, give it a serious go and ‘just do it’ with Nike footwear.

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