SPOTTED: Gossip Girl Season 6 Premiere

SPOTTED: Gossip Girl Season 6 Premiere

It's almost that time. 

Gossip Girl is coming back for it's 6th and final season this fall! October 8th is the day, don't miss it!

I'm very sad this show is coming to an end, I've always loved the drama and the fashion. Blair Waldorf is purely amazing and I really enjoyed watching her character grow. Chuck Bass is... Chuck Bass. All of the characters held such meaning to the show. And it always meant so much to me to go on the set of the show (I went twice, it was amazing). 

I am sharing with you Gossip Girl lovers the premiere episode photos and the premiere video! The episode is called “Gone Maybe Gone” and features a secret wedding... perhaps inspired by Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds real life secret wedding last week?

Serena has a new love and is going by "Sabrina", the entire GG team is back together and Chuck & Blair have a very steamy session... Oh I hope this season ends how the entire GG fan base wants it to! 

What are your thoughts on Season 6? 



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