A Fashionista's Guide : Halloween Costume Ideas

You love fashion, but sometimes you can't express yourself fully because of:
1. Fear
2. Worried about what others with think
3. Self Doubt

Halloween is the time to let it all out! No one can tell you what to do and what to not do on Halloween so get out those crazy frocks, statement necklaces and bright coloured hats. 

To help out you lovely fashionable guys and gals I have made a list of ideas for a kick-a** Halloween costume that will satisfy your inner fashion goddess (or god). 

My most favorite homemade costumes I've ever worn for Halloween are the following (Feel free to steal!)

~Wednesday from the Addams Family
~Sailor Mars from Sailor Moon
~A peacock
~Very adorable black cat (I was 10, don't judge!)
~ Where's Waldo (So much fun!)




Anna Wintour - Grab your sunnies and a giant fur. This is an easy costume to pull off!

Lucille Ball - Always an icon and such a cute Halloween costume!

Since the 90's fashions are back this year why don't you dig up your old duds or raid your mothers closet and be Cher Horowitz from Clueless!

Any man could be Terry Richardson for Halloween... super easy. I mean, what man doesn't like taking photos of naked girls? 

Lady Gaga - Known for her outrageous outfits you'll fit right in this Halloween if you choose to let your "Gaga" out!

Holly Golightly - The most iconic female character of all time (I believe). Grab your pearls, your black dress and channel some Breakfast at Tiffanys this year! 

Love a little rock n' roll? Try being Joan Jett from the Runaways (As I know her best)

Cute, bubbly, candy princess Katy Perry! You will definitely get looks if you go out for Halloween as Katy Perry, in the best ways though I promise. 

Kate Moss. The iconic fur coats, the cigarettes, blonde hair. Take after this gorgeous model this Halloween!

Love the 50's? Wear a poodle skirt, saddle shoes and a neck scarf you're all set! Don't forget your Coca Cola!

 My peacock costume came from this photo of Audrina Patridge for inspiration! 

Easy to make at home, and super sexy!

Want to be have a couples costume? Since it's Gossip Girl's final season get your hunk of love in a suit with bright coloured shirts and shoes and you better get your headbands out girl : Be Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf! 

What do you plan for Halloween now readers? Let me know in the comments or on my Twitter or Facebook pages! 


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