Elizabeth and James Love

Elizabeth and James is one of those miraculous brands that make you want more. I constantly am looking forward to new items for new seasons. I wish for every single item to be in my closet. From eyewear to outerwear, Elizabeth and James has it all. 

I am in love with the brand. The brand is so unique, from the advertisements on their website to the actual items themselves. You know when you see something if it's Elizabeth and James. It's modern, and right on trend but it has some kind of a flair to it that speaks to everyone. Elizabeth and James fits every fashionista's lifestyle and personal style as well. 

My first Elizabeth and James item was a pair of gorgeous heels that I actually purchased on The Outnet since, at the time, I was a starving student. It was a purchase I never once regretted making. I wear the heels to special occasions and even took them with me to my first time at NYFW this fall. 

Being from a small area in Canada, sometimes fashion isn't high on other peoples lists but, fashion is my life. It's how I express myself without saying a word! My Elizabeth and James heels were my first step into a serious love of fashion. 

You can purchase Elizabeth and James on various websites. Elizabeth and James actually has a magnificent website that will make you fall head over heels in love, like I did. 

Check out these sites to fall in love with Elizabeth and James like I know you will. 

Elizabeth and James was my first step into the world of fashion. Now I have other favorites, like my tee from The Row and my studded Christian Louboutin booties that all stemmed from my rush of buying the most gorgeous heels to reward myself after making Dean's List in college. Needless to say Elizabeth and James has a special place in my heart. 

Now onto some of my most favorite pieces that are available right now on Shopbop.com! 

This beautiful skirt is called the "Nichole". It is so pretty and perfect. I would wear this to the office, or to a Christmas party! It's absolutely marvelous.

Let's all take a moment to drool over these shoes. How I wish these would magically appear in my shoe closet! The colours.. the toe... everything screams my name! These are the Sash Snake d'Orsay pumps. I need them. Gotta have 'em.

This is the Elisa dress. I can just imagine so many of you beautiful ladies wearing this and LOVING it! It looks comfortable and so chic.

I have an obsession with these boots. It's no secret. They convey the perfect amount of edge. These are the Paul Flat Bootie.

These glasses need to be mine! I actually need new reading glasses. I would buy these and then get my prescription filled. They are top of my list, I just hope I can afford them before Christmas! These are the Centinela glasses. I wished for them in the tortise colour but sadly, they seem to be sold out! These will do the trick though, always pleased with my Elizabeth and James!

The jacket every girl dreams of. The Bora Rabbit fur coat. Oh I will drool over this forever.

I hope you all enjoyed this post, and be sure to look for more Elizabeth and James on this blog! It's a brand you cannot shy away from. 

Happy Shopping!



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