Gossip Girl Season 6 Episode 1 Review

Ah last night was the wonderful night that Gossip Girl returned to us! 

For their final season (a short one at that, only 12 episodes), the premiere proved that this season will be hot and spicy. 

The episode started out with a recap of the finale season/episode from Season 5. Blair and Chuck making love in Paris after Blair's "My bet's on us". Serena doing cocaine on the train to who knows where...

Scandalous things happened in the episode my sweets! Where to begin...

1. Dan and Georgina are working together to bring down the Upper East Siders we know and love. 
2. Blair and Chuck have a pact, they are "together" but apart until they have their futures figured out so they can truly be together. Blair even wears an engagement ring around her neck. (cue me crying). 
3. Serena started a new life, and wants nothing to do with her old one. She said her name was "Sabrina" and has found a new love. Serena returns to NYC at the end of the episode with Steven, the new love of her life. 
4. Rufus and Ivy and living together... Ivy is up to something with Lola as she left a very incriminating message on Lola's answering machine... Poor Dan walked in on Rufus and Ivy in a very comprising naked situation. 

Ah I can't wait the one week until the next episode! It makes me sad that this season is the last, but at least I have all the seasons (and wonderful clothes) to look back on! 

The fashion in this episode was right back to what we love. Blair, in her signature classy outfits. Serena, in a long flowy dress. Chuck, in his gorgeous suit. Nate, looking dapper. Dan, looking...gross. Georgina, trouble in all forms. 

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You know you love me


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