Kristen Stewart LIVE Interview : Balenciaga

Kristen Stewart's LIVE interview on Balenciaga's website aired today at 3pm EST. 

Sadly, the interview only lasted 16 minutes. Kristen did answer some questions that were submitted! I really enjoyed hearing her answers and she was wearing a really cute outfit. Head to toe Balenciaga, she looked fabulous!

She was wearing a lace, collared, sleeveless top with a black and white pattenered skirt. She had wonderful black nails with a great pair of heels on!

Here's some screen shots from when I watched it live with some of the interesting questions/answers! :) Enjoy!



"It's super Alice in Wonderland-y," says Kristen Stewart when asked what movie Florabotanica would be.

"That jacket might as well be a second skin" says Kristen Stewart of her  moto jacket

Kristen Stewart describes Florabotanica in three words: Danger, French and Fresh

"Gardenia's" are Kristen's favorite flower. 

Kristen was asked to describe the personality of a person that would wear Florabotanica "Fearless people, it's present, someone willing to let their face hang out".

"Fashion can bring things out of you that you wouldn't expect." Kristen said

"Picking flowers that could be possibly killer, taking the beauty out of them." telling the story of the Fragrance  if it was a story.

"I'm from LA, I'm really simplistic, comfortable."

"I forgot to put socks on, I probably look silly"

Re-watch the interview if you missed it on Fashion Canada OR Balenciaga WATCH HERE on Fashion Canada or Live Interview Kristen Stewart | or if you want to stay and chill out with me you can watch the video below!

There's photos of Balenciaga Spring 2013 RTW, as worn by Kristen in this interview below. Although Kristen's lace top was sleeveless (which is probably under the coat the model is wearing).

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