Krysten Ritter : Live with Kelly and Michael

Krysten Ritter was on Live with Kelly and Michael this morning in NYC! 

She was wearing : 
black white and red - her favorite (as she said)

black laced shoes, toes showing - "pretty but dangerous"
abstract red and white dress

She's been in NYC for a few days, they shoot interiors of Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23 in LA and exteriors in NYC to keep the budget low. 

When they arrived at JFK they needed to shoot a scene in the airport where Krysten was running through the airport.  They arrived, and Krysten got ready in the airport bathroom for the scene with wardrobe and hair. 

Fast Facts:
Takes the subway, wears sunglasses and keeps her head down.

"Subway man its the only way to go"

Has a new movie coming out next year, with her bf in it as well. It's called Refuge.

She was on the show after Gerard Butler (hubba hubba) to promote Season 2 of Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23 which premieres TONIGHT at 9:30 pm! Be sure to watch it live people, way more fun that way! Plus, you can tweet along with me! 

Krysten is fabulous and so utterly cool. I am so pleased that she's answered me numerous times on Twitter :) She's also on other talk shows today like Anderson. Be sure to watch, or catch on YouTube!


I have this dress, I love it! It's from Topshop.

I have this sweater too! It's from H&M I also have the glasses that are tucked into her sweater. The are Prada Baroque! 

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