Mischa Barton : VIBE Magazine and Much More

Mischa Barton is well known from her hit role in the tv drama "The OC". She also has her own clothing line now, which is amazing by the way! You all should check it out, like as soon as possible. It's called Mischa's Place

She is on VIBE magazine for October 2012! Check out the photos below, she's still that oh so stunning woman we all remember from The OC. 

Here are some blurbs below from Mischa's recent interview with the Belfast Telegraph. 
Read the full interview here: Interview

"Mischa Barton is one difficult lady to pin down. Hollywood's golden girl, who arrived in Dublin for her Irish stage debut several weeks ago, has managed to give me the slip since then. First she was in rehearsals for her role of Shelby Eatenton in Robert Harling's bitter-sweet play Steel Magnolias, then came almost two weeks of shows at the Gaiety Theatre."

When Mischa was offered the part of fragile flower Shelby Eatenton in Steel Magnolias, she jumped at the chance. It marks a homecoming on two fronts for the beautiful actress: firstly, a chance to revisit her Irish roots; and, secondly, a return to the stage, where it all began. Most people associate Mischa with television and film, but she actually started her career in theatre, appearing in the off-Broadway premiere of the 1994 play Slavs! at just eight years of age.

“Doing theatre is a mental exercise,” she explains. “It's one of those muscles you have to keep working.
“I started in theatre and I love it. It's so raw and real being up there, in front of people. The feedback from the audience is immediate. When actors say they love that buzz that you get from theatre, it's not just a line. It's so true. You're always pushing yourself. It's an amazing experience.”

Some of my favorite things from Mischa's Place! Oh please come be in my closet!

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