New Girl Outfits

Zooey Deschanel is such a cute, quirky person. You can't help but love her! Jessica Day, the character Zooey plays on "New Girl", is just as quirky as Zooey (probably a bit more actually). 

Jess Day loves cupcakes, pretty dresses, and teaching. 

New Girl started it's Second Season this October and I am enthralled with it so far. The characters are so easy to love and Jess's outfits are amazing. Seriously. I want every one of them!

Here's some great stuff Jess wore in in the 3rd episode of the season "Neighbours"

Happy Shopping!



Find this fabulous red dress (look a like, the one Jess actually wore is Anthropologie and sold out) : HERE
Find the bow belt here: HERE

This striped red number is definitely from Anthropologie! Buy it now : HERE

Jess always has the quirkiest sweaters. FYI I think she's bringing back shorts with tights a la Blair Waldorf!

Buy this adorkable sweater at J. Crew : HERE

Striped and cute! I love this sweater! J. Crew still has the EXACT one (same colour and everything) that Jess wore! So get shopping before it's gone. 

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