Rachel Bilson Interview & Guest Editor Picks

Rachel Bilson is a fashion inspiration whether she's out buying groceries or on her TV show "Hart of Dixie". I was first introduced to Rachel when she played "Summer Roberts" in the hit show "The OC". Summer helped me open my mind up to environmentally friendly clothing and prairie skirts. 

Rachel has her own line of shoes, ShoeMint, and recently teamed up with Piperlime as a Guest Editor. She's also teamed up with JewelMint and created her own earrings "Rachel" earrings which are currently sold out.

As the Guest Editor on Piperlime, she choose her favorite picks for the season. Check out her picks HERE!! What do you think? Anything you'd want in your closet?

Here is an interview below I found on Refinery29 that I just had to share!

I hope it makes you smile.



Your character is the queen of looking adorable in shorts. What's your best styling secret for making shorts feel fresh in the fall?
"Oh, for fall, oh crap! What I like for shorts for fall is that you can rock a shorts suit, so that you have a jacket, you can wear a sweater with it, and if your legs are showing, at least you're warm everywhere else." 

Nicole Chavez always raves about what a collaborative process it is working with you — but what's the best trick you've learned from her?
"Well, she's the master at looking at something, knowing how it's gonna photograph, and the best way to wear it. So, I've really learned certain tips and silhouettes and things like that that are gonna work."

Have you taught her anything or gotten her to try any trends?
"I don't know, you know we both kind of have similar taste, and we rock our own thing." 

Your look has really evolved and matured over the past few years. Was this intentional?
"I think you know, I'm 31, and it just happens naturally." 

Do you have a key to making it a gradual shift?
"I think it naturally happens. You start to gravitate toward different looks and things that make you feel differently. And, also trends change, so you go with the flow." 

Is there any one trend or piece for fall that you're absolutely loving?
"I haven't bought it yet. I haven't been shopping actually, so I haven't found it. But, I'm a big fan of Isabel Marant, so maybe investing in a jacket of hers?" 

As far as the classics go, what are three pieces that you think every woman should have in their closet?
"A classic, perfectly-fitted black blazer is important. Your favorite pair of jeans, because you can dress them up or down, so it's important to have one go-to pair. And, your favorite white T-shirt." 

Is there any trend that you're not feeling or that you don't want to try?
"I mean, I kind of try everything…unfortunately." 

Anything that you've tried that you've thought "never again?"
"I've worn the pajama pants, but those are so comfortable that I just don't care if they're not in anymore. If you're comfortable, that's all that matters."

We hear you're on the market for a new home — what are the dream characteristics of your perfect place?
"A big closet and a nice kitchen. A huge closet is definitely my dream. Like, those serious ones that make up a whole, huge room. Or, the one from Clueless where it rotates when you push a button." 

You could probably find a way to at least get that computer with the pictures of the outfits…
"I would hope so, considering it was in the '90s. Hopefully, by now, that technology is happening." 

We loved your Dirty Dancing moment on Live With Kelly & Michael. Were you terrified?
"I was a little terrified, but so excited because it's like my favorite movie ever, and I used to make my brother try to do that lift with me. You have to learn it though, so the fact that we just went for it, I was thinking 'either you're gonna kill me, or you're gonna toss me over your head.'" 

So, there was no preparation or practice?
"No, there was none; it was just like, 'let's go for it.' And we went for it. I loved it. I like spontaneity in a man."

You pick, ultimate teen heartthrob: Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing or Tom Cruise in Risky Business?
"Absolutely Patrick Swayze, I had his picture taped to the ceiling of my bunk bed in sixth grade. Him for sure." 

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