Review : Gossip Girl Season 6, Episode 3 “Dirty Rotten Scandals”

Last night was Gossip Girl night. 

It was filled with the Upper East Side drama we crave! If you haven't seen the show yet, don't read on!

Let's check out what was SPOTTED in last night's intense episode:

The primary focus was Blair Waldorf's fashion show, she is the new head of her mother's prestigious design company and she wants to make it perfect. She hasn't rested in days, and when she heard one of the models had to drop out, she dropped. Literally. She was sent home with Dorota for some rest and..and IV. Of course, Dorota called the knight in shining armour, Chuck Bass. He went straight to the rescue and got Blair's fashion show just in time and just how she liked it.

"You read me like tea leaves Chuck Bass"

Serena is obsessed with her "new family" and starting fresh. She is having problem after problem with her new boyfriend, Steven Spence's, daughter Sage (who is also sleeping with Nate...awkward. Did I mention she's in high school?!)

Sage makes Serena ask Blair to be in her fashion show as a new "It Girl". Blair agrees, and of course there's a little tift between Serena and Blair and... Nelly Yuki. Yes, Nelly is still around. Sage sabotages the fashion show, people actually run out of there. You see, Sage ripped off the dress at the end of the runway and started to stalk down in just her underwear... and boy did Daddy and Serena get mad! Of course Serena blamed Blair, and Blair blamed Serena, but at the end of the show... Sage admits it was all her idea. Oh joy! What will happen next....

 Alexa Chung also made a small appearance as a model at Blair's show that would not go out on the runway after Sage.

Dan Humphrey has gotten to a new low. After promising Nate to feature all his story on his website, he went ahead and sold the rest of the story to Vanity Fair. Without telling Nate. Dan also wrote about Rufus and Ivy in his story that went live on Nate's site that caused even more drama. Nelly and Dan went out for drinks and Dan ditched her for a hot girl that liked his story. Um, cold move Humphrey. I actually feel bad for little Nelly.

Chuck is still on the hunt. He wants to take his father down, he has tips, and went to meet a ex-bodyguard at a gym for more information. Did you notice Chuck's new hair? 

What did you think of last night's episode? 



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