Blair Waldorf Fashion Files : Headband Collection

Season 1 and 2 of Gossip Girl were the best seasons, simply because of the fashion. But in all honesty, it was because of Blair's fashion, her headband collection specifically. That girl sure knows how to pull together an outfit doesn't she? Blair ignited a headband frenzy. You can buy them everywhere now, and girls still use them as their fashion staples (including myself). I had the luck of owning a few of the headbands actually wore on the show, of course they are top of my list of favorite things.

In the other seasons of Gossip Girl, Blair wore headbands as well but not as often as when she was still going to Constance. Our B has grown up! 

Since Gossip Girl is coming to an end (cue the sob fest) I thought we could have a look back on some of Blair's outfits that in! A collection of pure perfection. 

My personal favorite outfit of Blair's is her Season 2 Alice + Olivia Floral Dress with her floral scarf headband. I own the dress, and it is one of my most favorite items in my entire closest.

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jennyissoawesome said...

I totally love her headbands!
nice blog you have here!