Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23 : Season 2 Episode 2

Tuesday's episode of "Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23" was a real Halloween treat. 

Chloe had not one but FOUR sexy costumes, a new love interest (I was actually shocked), and was beat at her own game by said love interest. We discover her hidden talent of finishing people's sentences!

June tries to help Chloe with her new "love" who she first planned to ruin of course before figuring out her true feelings. June also continuously runs into a very gross looking man who is Chloe's love interest's best friend... June was a female hobbit for Halloween.

James doesn't like anything scary, so instead of a scary Halloween party he holds a happiness and love party every year. No scary costumes allowed. They even had a space Pikachu costume for anyone who showed up with a scary costume.

There were twists, turns, giggles and more in this episode. I seriously love Chloe. Her costumes were amazing! This episode also showed that Chloe has a sweet side... remember her bumble bee friend (if you saw this episode you would know what I'm talking about)

If you didn't see the show on Tuesday head on over to and watch it! 



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James's Halloween Party Invite
June discovering Chloe's love interest while at a chick flick

June had Chloe and her love over for dinner.

While Chloe explains to June what she does to irritating people every Halloween we get to see the past 3 costumes she's had when she's went to James's parties! 1. A flapper
2. A parrot

A flight attendant

Bus Driver
Chloe up to her old tricks... this is before everything changes.

Chloe has the urge to wear sweatpants and bake and begs June to turn on the microwave.

Chloe meets a very helpful bee!

Chloe at the airport after realizing she actually has feelings for someone...

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