Pretavoir Review & Prada Baroque

Pretavoir is one of those companies that you get that all-over good feeling once you receive your item.

1. Awesome customer service (Thanks Sean!)
2. Fast shipping (super fast!!)
3. Beautiful packaging
4. PERFECT item (And they have so much to choose from!)

If you need sunglasses or eyeglasses I recommend you head on over to right now! 

They have an amazing assortment of glasses, if you're looking for something specific they probably have it! They have glasses anywhere from Oliver Peoples to Prada.

I received the Prada Baroque sunnies, that I have only been dreaming about since I saw them on Ashley Olsen and basically every other stylesetter in the world! When I opened the Pretavoir box it was a better feeling than Christmas morning, the one piece of fashion that I've been dreaming of was in my hands!

I received the glasses in record timing. It took 6 days to get to me, and they were perfection. It took 6 days simply because I live so far away (Canada)! They were wrapped with care, beautiful paper to ensure they didn't break or rattle during shipment.

The glasses were in not 1 but 2 cases (A Prada box, with a Prada eyeglass case inside). It came with cleaning wipes and a small booklet from Prada.

My wishlist for sunglasses (and now eyeglasses...le sigh) will be from Pretavoir. No hassles, and I can't get over how quick the shipping was. It was honestly one of the best customer service experiences I've ever had. Since I first starting conversing with Sean it was like I was speaking with a friend.

You can buy the fabulous pair of Prada Baroque's RIGHT HERE

Also, I find that the prices on Pretavoir are sometimes LOWER than the ones on other websites! Even more reason to shop Pretavoir if you ask me. 

Check out the photos of the most beautiful sunglasses of life below and I promise these will be in A LOT of outfit posts, these sunglasses are my babies!

Thanks Pretavoir!

Click to see more photos of the wonderful Pretavoir packaging & sunglasses! 

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