Sleepwear Trend

I love sleeping. I love comfy pajamas, I love sleepshirts, I love boxers and I love nightdresses.
Holly Golightly is the queen of chic sleepwear. 

As of late, sleepwear isn't just for bed. People have been wearing their silky jammies out and about for fashion events or just to go shopping. It's an interesting concept, bedwear for the day. I tried it once while wearing my striped blue silk pajamas and with a trench coat, wide brown belt and some patent leather heels. It was cute and I felt overly comfortable, but still chic. 

Will you be trying out the sleepwear trend?

Rhianna sporting what looks to be pajamas. It looks different and cute. She must be super comfortable in this.

Rachel Roy. I love that she paired glitzy heels and a nice oversized clutch with this outfit. It looks cute!

Kirsten Dunst wearing the Louis Vuitton "Pajama" top at the airport. Now that's travelling in style!

The Louis Vuitton "Pajamas"

Miranda Kerr wearing pajama pants (or at least they look like them!) I love how her bag is similar in colour to the pants. The blazer and the shirt really make the outfit more "cookie cutter" friendly. And by "cookie cutter" I mean the regular folks on the street that don't care or know anything about fashion. 

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