StyleMint December Showroom

The first of every month is always an exciting day. It's the day that all of the "Mint" family release their new items. Personally, StyleMint is usually my favorite with ShoeMint right behind it. 

This month, the StyleMint Hester Jacket and the Gypsy Kimono in black are my 2 favorite picks.

Black is one of those colours that go with anything and everything, it's like a blank canvas. The Hester jacket has leather sleeves and the small zip details on the jacket make it unique and wearable for everyday use. Personally, I love wearing leather jackets with a cool vintage tee over top of my black "ballerina" dress. It's my go-to outfit when I need to run errands. Edgy plus that little bit of feminine that we all strive for.

The Gypsy Kimono is going to go quickly, you can get it in silver, red or black. It's a rare item to find, and I am so pleased that StyleMint has it! Kimono's are so utterly classy and divine. You can wear them while dressing casual or even over your Christmas dress during the Holiday season. 

Head on over to and sign up today! The December showroom is going to sell out quickly!

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