The Row Resort 2013

Looking at the Resort 2013 collections make me fall a little bit more in love with the world of fashion. Especially The Row's line. It's so chic it hurts. It's classic, but just changed that little bit to make it modern and it fits. The Row calls out to me. It's minimalistic but still has that charm to it that makes it stand out to everyone. The colours, the draping, the cut... everything is thought of when it comes to The Row. I love the shapes. 

Ashley wearing The Row Resort 2013 at the CFDA Awards

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Mira said...

Awesome collection <3


Erin Caldwell said...

I am obsessed with The Row! And the book "Influence". The collection is minimalism at it's finest and the book is so inspiring!

Mint. said...

Love The Row thanks for sharing!!


Angela said...

perfect collection!!

Angela Donava