Guide to Kristen Stewart's Sneakers

Kristen Stewart is Hollywood's most down to earth and REAL celebrity. 

This girl goes for comfort and being herself. She wears sneakers under thousand dollar dresses, Vans checkered sneakers to get immortalized in cement, to Florence and the Machine concerts and basically every other event or everyday activity you can think of. 

Sneakers are amazing. Converse can go with everything, and Keds are so simple and versatile. 

Kristen wears Nike to Barbara Bui. She was recently quoted that she has a room in her house completely for her sneakers. Um, can I see!?

Kristen recently donated a pair of grey Converse lowtops to ShoeRevolt and they sold for $1100.00 with 100% of the proceeds going toward victims & survivors of sex-trafficking.

This is a Guide to Kristen's Sneakers.

Black Vans, these ones lace up!
Frye Low top Sneakers
Kristen is wearing Converse Neehi Denim and Plaid Sneakers.

Kristen is wearing Vintage Mickey Mouse Vans! 
Black and White Keds

Misc. Canvas shoes

Converse sneakers
Barbara Bui hightops
Kristen wears Barbara Bui sneakers to Comic Con.

Black High Top Sneakers

The infamous Black Converse Hightops.

More Black Coverse, including a low cut pair as well.

The Old School Blue Vans

The Old School Blue Vans even made an appearance to a Florence and the Machine concert (second photo).

Black Nike Kicks

More Black Nike kicks

Misc. Yellow sneakers

Black Keds

Red Converse Low Tops

Black and White Checkered Vans

White Converse Lowtops
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Photos via The Cut and photos saved on my computer from Various sources.


Anonymous said...

This girl really really down to earth no wonder her fans love her and support her!

amanda said...

she has a style that works really well. and she can so carry it off. I say good on her, she has had stick for wearing these shoes on the red carpet but why not, she wants to see the fans and do the right thing but want to be comfy doing it...... she can do no wrong in my eyes