Holiday Gift Guide : Fashion Edition

Finding the perfect gift is always hard. 

There's always so much to consider! The person's personal style, likes & dislikes and of course staying in your holiday budget. 

This Holiday Gift Guide: Fashion Edition is a helpful tool for those last minute gifts. 

When it comes to gift buying, I am always strategic. Never buy anything for someone that you're not 100% sure they would like. Always buy something that is personable and unique to the individual. I rarely buy clothes for other people. I find that buying clothing is a risky choice. What if it's not the right size? What if they don't like the colour? There's a lot of trouble that comes with gifting clothing.

So some simple tips you ask? Easy! A beautiful scarf in a nice colour, designer iPhone case, a investment bag or a tote bag or a nice pair of new sunnies. All of these things are always appreciated!

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