In My Heart

This post is not about fashion, beauty or anything of the sort. This post is just me trying to get my feelings out about the recent heartbreaking news in a small Connecticut community of Newtown. If you haven't been reading the news I will fill you in. A 20 year old man went into a elementary school into a kindergarten class and murdered 20 children and 7 adults, including his own mother who was a teacher. 

My heart and thoughts are heavy. This is one of the first times in a very long time that I have openly wept at the news. This year has been a horrible one. The 2012 Aurora shooting was disturbing and heartbreaking, just earlier this week there was a shooting at a mall in Portland. Any words I could say about these recent horrors are so small... I cannot imagine what the people affected could possibly be going through. 

School, movie theaters, the mall... these are all supposed to be safe. Especially a school. This is a place where you send your children to learn. This is supposed to be a safe haven, a home away from home. These children were babies. They were innocent, and pure. All the children at the school have lost their innocence far too soon. They shouldn't have even had to witness the horror of this situation.

Everyday children go missing. Children are hurt. I cannot fathom how people could hurt small innocent little beings. 

All I wanted to do when I heard this tragic news was call my parents house and talk to my 8 year old brother and 10 year old sister to tell them I love them. 

What chance did these innocent children and facility of the school have? 

This sad event has brought up (yet again) the gun debate. 

If these madmen didn't have immediate access to guns these senseless tragedies wouldn't have happened.  

The victims, the families...they are all in my heart, and thoughts. 

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