Kristen Stewart's Style Evolution

The past few months have been good for Kristen Stewart (style-wise). She consistently surprises me with new styles and fashion forward looks. Kristen has definitely grown more comfortable on the red carpet, and is experimenting with really feminine yet edgy looks. 

Kristen has that perfect "un-done" look. Her hair looks wonderful even though it's not in a fancy updo. She wears unique jewelry and has a few staples that she wears constantly (Cartier "Nail" bracelet, spoon ring etc.) that are obviously her own. I am really digging Kristen's beauty lately too, and by beauty I mean overall look with her make-up! It's fantastic and really suits her personality. I will be doing a "How To" video to achieve one of Kristen's looks tomorrow!

Kristen's latest looks really have me thinking, from a Louis Vuitton jumper to Juicy Couture plaid pants this girl knows how to wear anything. I really wish I could own the Louis Vuitton  jumper that she wore earlier this month, but I might just settle with a DIY jumper that I'll make at home! 

Even Kristen's street style has grown! Cardigans, tight high-rise jeans... this girl is sexy but down to earth at the same time.

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