The Best of Gossip Girl

Tonight was the last night of Gossip Girl. The show has been a part of my life for 6 whole years! It's very sad to say goodbye to the characters that I've grown to love. Over the years, there has been so many schemes, drama and of course endless fashion and high society balls. 

This post is a special "goodbye" to Gossip Girl! 

The Best of Gossip Girl includes:
Things I've Learned from Gossip Girl
My Memories
Best Kisses
Best Headbands
Best Outfits
OMFGG Moments
Best Music
Best Couple
My Favorite Scene
Best Quotes
Best Interiors
Series Finale Episode Photos and Review
Then and Now (Season One, How they started. Season 6, How it ended)

The last episode made me laugh, made me cry and I already miss the show. Thank goodness I own the seasons on DVD and season 6 will be available in just a few months!

Click "More" to see my special farewell to Gossip Girl! 

Let's get started with The Best of Gossip Girl!

Things I learned from Gossip Girl
  • “Tights are not pants.”-B
  • “No headbands in college.”-DH
  • “They say blood is thicker than water, but its a lot harder to clean up when it spills.”-GG
  • Thanksgiving is the best holiday.
  • “But the past is always with us, just waiting to mess up the present.”-GG
  • “The faster you rise, the harder you fall.”-GG
  • “Destiny is for losers. Its just a stupid excuse to wait for things to happen instead of making them happen.”-B
  • “What you least expect is right in front of you waiting to change everything forever, whether you want to or not.”-GG
  • “Cinderella did not google Prince Charming.”-S
  • “A hot lifeguard is like kleenex, use once then throw away.”-B
  • “No matter the truth, people see what they want to see.”-GG
  • “The road of life is long and winding, so its important to mark the milestones.”-GG
  • “A man with nothing to live for, is capable of anything.“-CB
  • “You don’t let people tell you who you are, you show them.”-S
  • “If two people are meant to be together, eventually they’ll find their way back.”-CB
  • You don’t need anybody in your life that doesn’t want to be there.
  • Don’t be a stop along the way, be a destination.
  • “Too bad no one told him: you can’t save a damsel if she loves her distress.” -GG
  • “Sometimes you need to step outside, clear your head and remind yourself of who you are. And where you wanna be. And sometimes you have to venture outside your world in order to find yourself.” - GG
  • “What’s the difference between gossip and scandal? So glad you asked. Anyone can commit a minor indiscretion and generate a day’s worth of buzz, but in order for gossip to birth a true scandal it requires the right person to be in the wrong place. Take one ‘it’ girl on a pedestal, add a crowd eager to see her fall, and give them the means to knock her down.” - GG
  • “Forget a grand entrance. Everyone knows that it’s the exit they’ll remember.” - GG
  • “But our most dangerous enemies are the ones we never knew we had.” - GG

My Memories
Since watching Gossip Girl, I've fallen in love with New York City.

When I had the opportunity to travel for Teen Vogue I jumped at the chance to visit the set of my favorite show! I also went on this great tour (Information at the end of this post) that took me to great Gossip Girl hot spots all over the city.

I went to the set of Gossip Girl, it was my last day in the city before a short flight then a 8 hour drive home. I grabbed my houndstooth jacket (a new purchase while in NYC), my camera and I headed on a walk. I spoke to some VIP at the set, and they escorted me over to speak to lots of lovely people. I met Ed Westwick, Leighton Meester (she even follows me on Twitter!) and so many others. This was October 24th, 2011. I actually had the privilege of being in the background of an episode! I was beyond delighted.

My second visit to the set was in September 2012. It wasn't as wonderful as the first visit, but I enjoyed running into Kelly Rutherford and Matthew Settle! I had photos with them and had a nice little chat. They are  marvelous people!

My Gossip Girl collection is one that I am proud of! I own  a lot of the clothing from Gossip Girl! Some, has been sold simply because it didn't fit me properly.

My collection has included:
Blair's Milly Bow Blouse
Serena's Alexander Wang Studded Tunic
Blair's Green and White Milly Dress
Blair's Green and White Headband
Blair's Gold Nautical Headband
Jenny's Blue Sparkle Stacey Lapadus Headband
Blair's Alice + Olivia Floral Dress
Blair's White Marc Jacobs Joelle Dress
Blair's 20's girl Sequin Dress by Marc Jacobs
Blair's Vintage Blue Natical Dress
Autographed photo from Blake Lively, Leighton Meester and Taylor Momsen
Blair's 3.1 Phillip Lim Yellow Dress
Blair's Milly Black and Silver Dress
Blair's Red and White Foley and Corinna Bag
Blair's Green Cape
Blair's Miu Miu Bow Pumps
Blair's Zara Plaid Blazer

Best Kisses

Dan and Serena, one of my favorite scenes from Season 1! Serena wore the most beautiful gold dress.

Blair and Chuck, a very happy scene! Loving the Jennifer Behr headband on Blair.

The big kiss before the car accident.

Nate and Blair's romantic Central Park smootch

Blair and Chuck, the back of the limo. One of the best scenes of Gossip Girl.

Blair and Chuck got married. Finally! They lived happily ever after.

Best Headbands

I love this blazer and that red headband is amazing. 

Jenny Humphrey wearing Foley and Corinna and a beautiful sequin blue headband by Stacey Lapadus.

Zara blazer and a plaid headband.

Jennifer Behr headband

I can't wait to finally own this headband! Jennifer Oulette plaid turban headband

Serena and Nate, Season 2. Amazing headwrap from Jennifer Behr

Blair's outfit/headband from her wedding to Chuck

Jennifer Behr knotted headband

Classic black bow headband

Green and white headband from Season 2

Pink flower headband by Jennifer Behr

Best Outfits

Tutu Skirt on Blair, I love this look

Blair wearing a layered ruffled top

Blair in an amazing floral contrast outfit with a great umbrella!

I love this outfit of Jenny's! Those polka dot socks and red shoes are amazing.

Classic Serena

Serena in a gold sequin Tory Burch

Serena wearing a very boho dress with flowers to brunch. 

Classic Serena style

Blair in beautiful Milly

B's sleepover bash with Miss Jenny

Blair takes on Paris, France.

Blair wearing a great Valentino at her birthday party in season 1

Blair in Marc Jacobs

Blair and Serena bright and fun!

Blair in a Zara blazer and red tights. Serena in a great studded sequin sweater and plaid.

Blair ice skating

One of Chuck Bass's looks

Blair wearing pink shorts

Best looking couple!

Chuck and Monkey - wearing a great pink tie!

Serena in a beautiful blue gown

Blair wearing a beautiful, fairy-like sequin dress.

Lily in an abstract dress

Classic Blair Waldorf comes back in Season 6

Blair rarely wears pants, but she looks fabulous in this pant suit in Season 6.
One of the most eccentric Chuck Bass outfits - EVER!

Serena and Ivy Season 5

Blair at her first fashion show in Season 6

Serena is a fabulous blue dress, and Nate looking dapper.

Blair in a stunning black dress with crystal embellishments.

Blair and Serena in France.

Classic Blair! White tights, red, and proper style.

Serena in a yellow dress at Lily's wedding to Bart.

Blair in 3.1 Phillip Lim when the lights in NYC went out

Jenny after her Gorilla Fashion Show.

Blair in DVF keys trench

Blair in Herve Leger

Blair in Milly (I have this dress!!!)

Blair at prom with Nate

Chuck and Blair

Serena and Carter

Blair and Chuck, gangster and flapper.

Blair with a blue Foley and Corinna tote.

One of my favorite Serena looks, outside of the ballet.

Blair and Serena take Paris. Blair is wearing a Moschino Cheap and Chic dress.

Blair as a debutante

Blair in this fabulous vintage frock

Serena and Blair in Paris

The infamous Chuck Bass scarf

I love this photo. Look at all of the colours!

Blair in a fabulous Alice + Olivia floral dress

Blair in this amazing Marc Jacobs sequin dress

OMFGG Moments


Best Music

Best Couple
My personal favorite couple has been, and always will be, Blair and Chuck. I absolutely adore them together. They are soul mates.

Best Scene EVER(My Most Favorite)

Best Quotes
Here's my advice. Have a little faith, and if that doesn't work, have a lot of mimosas. - Blair Waldorf
A hot lifeguard is like kleenex! Use once and throw away. You couldn't ask for a better rebound! - Blair Waldorf

Series Finale Episode Photos and Review
The series finale did not disappoint. However sad I might be to see the show end, the final episode made me happy. It was a 2 hour special, it started with a one hour special look at the past 6 years with interviews from the cast. It was really special! Gossip Girl has been such a huge influence on my life, I can't imagine what I'm going to do on Monday nights now!

Best Interiors

Then vs. Now

Some of the Characters Through the Years
Blair Waldorf
Serena van der Woodsen
Chuck Bass
Nate Archibald
Dan Humphrey
Lily van der Woodsen
Rufus Humphrey
Jenny Humphrey
Eric van der Woodsen
Bart Bass
Vanessa Abrams
Ivy Dickens
Georgina Sparks
Eleanor Waldorf
Harold Waldorf
CeCe Rhodes
Nelly Yuki
Jack Bass
Sage Spence
Steven Spence

The characters in this hit TV show have changed so much and have grown into adults.
They started off as privileged, rich high schoolers who love the scheme, does anyone else remember nairtinis? Gossip Girl remained unknown until now. Gossip Girl shockingly ended up being

The high schoolers grew up, have their own careers and have found happiness and are still all involved in each others lives.

Blair and Chuck got married, and had a beautiful son, Henry.
Serena and Dan put aside their differences, focused on their love and got married.
Georgina and Jack Bass get together.
Dan is Gossip Girl! Or should I say Gossip Guy.
Nate is hugely successful.
A happy, fairytale ending.

Goodbye Gossip Girl! I'll miss watching you on Monday nights, and visiting the set.

You know you love me.


P.S. If you are headed to NYC book a Gossip Girl sites tour! It's fabulous, you get to see wonderful sites from the show AND you get a coupon to shop at Blair's favorite store: Henri Bendels! If you use the code: SHAKE10 you get 10% off! Book now: (They also have so many other On Location Tours that this code can be used for! Sex and the City Etc. Enjoy!)


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