Keira Knightley: Keira the Conquerer

Keira Knightley has long been one of my most favorite actresses. She is unbelievably talented and full of promise. Keira has graced the coves of some of my favorite Vogue issues (June 2007) and she has played iconic roles such as Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice and Anna Karenina. She has a very classic look to her and greatly reminds me of Natalie Portman.

Keira's upcoming role in Anna Karenina is going to be a great one. Be sure to watch the trailer below.

Keira is gracing the cover of Marie Claire for the March 2013 issue. 

An expert from Marie Claire:

With security guards and publicity minders in tow, she had arrived in a wasp-waisted purple- and-pink floral dress, dark tights, and loafers. "Can you read it?" she asks, holding up the back of her collar when asked about the designer. "I don't remember.” Despite not knowing the label (it's Ganni, a Danish brand), she's been muse to a number of designers, including Karl Lagerfeld as the face of Chanel Coco Mademoiselle perfume. "I like the fantasy of fashion," she says. "Creating a different person and dressing up like her. Putting on a flowery dress when it’s raining brightens up the world."
"The first thing that springs to mind is the 1940s," says actress and longtime friend Sienna Miller. "I think of her as glamorous in that kind of timeless movie star way, but she can be grungy in this very cool '90s way. You say this about people who have style, but it's true: She genuinely doesn't think about the way she looks or how she puts herself together. She could throw on a bin bag and look beautiful."

Will you be purchasing this issue on newsstands later this month?

 Keira also has really wonderful personal style as well as a unique red carpet presence.

Did you know Keira has been the face of Chanel for quite some time? She is the perfect mix of class and individuality for the brand.

If you "click" to see more I have shared some of my most favorite photos of Keira!

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