What to Wear for Valentines Day

If you're engaged, married or in a relationship on Valentines Day you want to look your best; fabulous and beautiful (as you always do!) with a tad bit of flair. 

Of course, if you're single and hanging out with your friends or going to a party all the power to you! You need an extra gorgeous outfit too. 

Valentines Day is just another day, a day to get spoiled and get dressed up in a pretty dress. 

Personally, I think if you love someone you should show them all year round; not just on Valentines Day. But, who doesn't enjoy dressing up and having a dinner out?

I've created a fashion lookbook and a beauty lookbook for my choice pieces to stand out this Valentines Day!

Personally, I love to wear light pinks and red on Valentines day, it just reminds me of vintage romance. A pretty sheer pink gloss or a red lip can make your look go from everyday to fabulous. I enjoy putting on a light blush when I go out. My personal favorite is Dandelion blush by Benefit (Shown in Lookbook).

Whatever you decide to wear for beauty on Valentines Day, I'm sure you'll look amazing! 
Valentines Day fashion immediately makes me think of red, black, pink and white. Beautiful dresses, fun tights, heels and even wearing shorts with a cute bright blazer.

Dressing up is so much fun. I absolutely adore getting ready and putting together an outfit for a special occasion.

Personal Favorite Outfit for V-Day:
Beautiful pink dress
Black opaque tights
Cute shoes with details (like a print or embellishments)
Black clutch
Black leather jacket

I hope you have the most wonderful Valentines Day with your loved one, friends and family! I plan to eat Red Velvet Cake and have a romantic night in.


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