A Few of My Favorite Things

1. This photo of Cara Delevingne is just perfection don't you think? She's one of my current girl crushes of the moment. I love her brows and quirky style. I really like how she's wearing a vintage 90's D.A.R.E tee. I won't lie to you, I am trying to find the same one on eBay. 

2. This Tara Stiles video is my go-to yoga video for right before bed. I have it memorized, but I still enjoy following along with Tara. She's one of my favorite yoga instructors because she has a no nonsense and super modern approach to yoga. It's really fun! 

3. Camilla Belle! Ah, she's so chic. I loved this dress since I first saw this photo in 2010 and it's finally MINE! One of my favorite things right now. I can't wait until Summer so I can wear it. I have an addiction to beautiful sundresses.

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