Ain't No Wifey

If you read my blog often, you know I am addicted to DimePiece Designs. I have been obsessing over this "Ain't No Wifey" tank since I saw it on Cara Delevingne backstage at Paris Fashion Week. 

Read all about DimePiece HERE in my Coveting DimePiece Post!
Buy the Ain't No Wifey Tank HERE

This entire outfit is made up of things that I am addicted to. 

4. Gold Runway Michael Kors Watch
5. H and M Leather Jacket
6. Tutu Dress 
7. Fleece lined tights (I live in Canada. It gets COLD!)

I received these AMAZING boots from ShoeMint and I swear, they haven't left my feet since I opened the package this past weekend. They are so versatile and the colour is crazy beautiful. I can mix and match the boots to complement all of my different styles whether it be bohemian, feminine or edgy. Find the ShoeMint Francoise's HERE. Be sure to check out my "Covetable Item of the Week" on Wednesday featuring ShoeMint's Francoise Booties.

If you're going to be making a purchase from ShoeMint, be sure to use this special promo for a 20% off discount – promo code: RACHEL20

See below for the fabulous Cara Delevingne wearing the Ain't No Wifey tank!


taylor casto said...

totally got a pair of boots EXACTLY like those from forever21 not too long ago!! mine are black but i'm totally digging these red ones lady!!


Christina said...

Love the outfit! Would you say the boots run true to size? Are they also pretty comfy? Thanks!

TheBrunetteShake said...

Thank you <3 ! The boots DO run true to size and they are SO comfortable. I actually gasped when I took them out of the box the first time. So pretty!

TheBrunetteShake said...

Thanks girl! I love 'em!

Leah said...

badass outfit, I love it!
ps what size tank did you get, I'm thinking of ordering it online but have no idea how it fits!

TheBrunetteShake said...

I got a medium! I wanted to be able to knot it like Cara Delevingne does :) It's a little bit baggy in the armpit area though but I make it work by wearing a black tank underneath!