Style Files : Rachel McAdams

Canadian Sweetheart Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams hails from London, Ontario and attended York University in Toronto. She graduated the four year acting program with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Honors Degree. 

Rachel's breakout role was the infamous Regina George in Mean Girls. She then catapulted into the acting world with her beautifully played role in The Notebook.

Check out Rachel's audition for her part in The Notebook!

She used to date Ryan Gosling. They would be spotted around Toronto riding their bikes together and walking their dogs. Basically she's the luckiest girl in the world! Ryan and Rachel also won the Best Kiss at the MTV Awards for their smootch in The Notebook. 

This girl can do anything. 

Horror, comedy, romance... she is so incredibly talented. 

My personal favorite films that she's done:
Mean Girls
The Notebook
The Vow
Red Eye
The Time Travelers Wife
Midnight in Paris

I'm really excited to see what Rachel will accomplish in the future.

Read on for a full "Rachel McAdams Fashion Time Line" and some beautiful photos from photo shoots!

Rachel McAdams Fashion Time Line

Rachel is the belle of the ball at every red carpet event, on the street she has down to earth yet beautiful style. Her style has really gone through a evolution since she started living the Hollywood life. 










Lovely Photos

Rachel McAdams sure has "the look" as well as being a kind hearted, down to earth person. Her various photoshoots are absolutely stunning, and it's not hard to guess why. She has a classic beauty that would make any girl envious. But mostly, she comes across like the girl you'd be best friends with. 

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