Home Style Inspiration : Shabby Chic Kitchen

Shabby Chic is in my dreams. 

I have always wished for a kitchen full of light pastel colours, pretty aprons, beautiful plates with roses on them and vintage tea cups. I love vintage, and I absolutely adore things that have stories attached to them, even if the story is something you've made up yourself. 

There's something beautiful and homey about a shabby chic kitchen. It reminds me of a lovely place where true love is put into everything that is baked. Somewhere where everyone feels at home and where laughter is everywhere. It's warm, cozy and you can put your own unique feel in it. 

These are some of my inspirational photos I've saved for my future kitchen!

If you think you can't find anything Shabby Chic you're wrong! You can find things at Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, thrift stores, Uncommon Goods...so many places! You just have to be prepared to LOOK! Of course, I have been doing some looking myself, so be sure to check out my LookBook of Shabby Chic items you can buy on the good ole internet. 

Be sure to "Click to see more" to check out some more inspirational photos for the Shabby Chic kitchen I know you all crave! 

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