Cara & Karl : Melissa Mag, Issue no. 9

Oh that Cara Delevingne... what hasn't this girl accomplished? 

She ate lunch with Kate Moss, walked basically every runway, is the face of Burberry and DKNY. She has THE best eyebrows I think I've ever seen. She's been on the cover of countless magazines. And now, she's working with the legendary Karl Lagerfeld. 

For the ninth issue of Melissa magazine, Karl Lagerfeld himself photographed 30 pages. 16 of those pages were of Cara Delevingne. Oh, how I wish I was a fly on the wall at that photoshoot!

In the photoshoot, Cara wears looks from the first capsule collection by Karl Lagerfeld.

And now, a behind the scenes video from the shoot. Karl is cool and collected and Cara is her usual quirky self. So basically - I love it.

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