Party Like It's 2013

Party like it’s 2013

The cold weather hasn’t encouraged many to get out and celebrate but some people will always find a good reason to celebrate! This includes Barack and Michelle Obama and their guests, who partied well into the early hours to celebrate their second inauguration.
Many A-list celebrities attended, including singers Kelly Clarkson and Usher, and actress Ashley Judd. According to those present, the President had a dance-off with Usher, and a conga developed around the White House as guests let off steam.
While we don’t all get to party in the White House, perhaps now is the time to stop wallowing in the January blues and think about the parties to come in 2013. There are bound to be some big birthdays and significant events coming up amongst the people you know, after all.
Check out these cheeky party ideas and get excited about shopping for party dresses to dazzle your fellow partygoers.
A retro party
A retro-themed party works particularly brilliantly for birthdays. Choose the year or decade the birthday boy or girl was born as the party’s theme, with music and clothes from that era. You could even find out whether there were any major news events in that year, and dress as the characters that took part in them.
A nationality party
Choose a country, and challenge your guests to come in national dress, or as famous people from that country. You can make this as easy or hard as you like. It is easy to theme food and drinks too, and it can be a great way to try some new and exotic dishes.
A day or weekend party
This one is not quite a party…unless you choose to make it one! Pool resources and put together the money you would have spent on a party towards a day or night away. The money adds up fast, so you can spend plenty of time hitting the bars in your chosen destination.

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