Green is Sexy

The Brunette Shake is going GREEN!

We are overrun with endless options of clothing, shoes, food, pharmaceuticals and beauty products. Many people don't bother/don't care about the harm they are doing to themselves and the environment when they purchase certain products.

Why not go the healthier route for both yourself and the planet?

That's what "Green is Sexy" is all about.

Of course, I will still be posting my regular fashion/beauty posts but I think it's important to stay environmentally conscious and make an effort when it comes to helping the Earth.

There's fabulous ways that you can save money by going "Green" and don't think that you'll be dressed like a hippie either! There are AMAZING green/organic Earth friendly clothing & beauty options that you will soon be reading about every week. Even H&M has a organic line of clothing! Being "Green" is the new thing!

Living in Atlantic Canada has it's perks. There are many places I can go to be Earth friendly, and to see and enjoy the natural wonders of this beautiful place we live is a definite plus!

Here's some ways that I am green:

  • Buy food from local vendors & at the farmers market
  • Plant my own herbs and vegetables
  • Thrift shop! 
  • Use all natural detergent
  • Use of some all natural beauty products/soaps/lotions
  • Turn OFF the lights!
  • I use Water Bobbles with built in filters instead of water bottles!
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • Limited - No use of pharmaceuticals
  • Keep the heat down, wear a cute sweater instead!  
As you can see, there's many things you can do in  your day to day life that can reduce your carbon footprint on this beautiful planet!

Celebrities that are Eco-friendly:
Rachel McAdams
Natalie Portman
Leonardo Dicaprio
Stella McCartney
Miranda Kerr
Jake Gyllenhaal

I can't explain how excited I am to share and teach you all about eco-friendly fashion, beauty and even food/recipes!

Thursdays will now be Eco-Day on The Brunette Shake!

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