Styled by Hillary | The Celine Tee

The Celine tee.

You know what I'm talking about. It's the current "it" t-shirt that has been seen on celebrities and on many fashion blogs.

Of course, not everyone can afford an authentic Celine tee. I have seen quite a few people make their own! Which can be a nice affordable solution if you're on a tight budget, without purchasing a replica from a factory in China (which I do not support! You can't fake fashion :) ).

Below I have a "Styled by Hillary" guide + lots of photos for inspiration on how to style this fab tee!

Of course, I have also included a "Shop This Post" where I have linked lots of great items that would go with your Celine tee!

Styled by Hillary | The Celine Tee

Now it's time for some real life style inspiration!

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