Eco-Style | What Not to Wear

We all wear clothes. But have you ever thought about what your clothing was made of and how it affected the environment?!

Take a look in your closet, and have a peek at the tags. Not only is most clothing made out of cotton, it's usually made in China. Which means it has to travel around the world to end up in your t-shirt drawer. 

The fabric industry is one of the most polluting on the planet! Cotton makes up 10% of the world's pesticides and 25% of its insecticides. Did you know it takes half a pound of chemicals to make one plain jane tee?! Now take a look at your t-shirt drawer and do the math!

Pesticide use isn't the only issue associated with the cotton industry. Child labour, human rights and bad work conditions are also serious issues. 

So take a second to re-think buying that cotton tee, and check out some great alternatives! 

Designers have been experimenting with alternative materials, and have found that every soy and flax can be spun into the most beautiful of fabrics. 

Organic cotton has become increasingly popular. Organic wool can be more expensive, but the sheep haven't been dipped in toxic pesticides or been involved in common processes that hurt and abuse the sheep.  Of course, I really like the hippie alternative...hemp! Even non-organic hemp is better for the Earth than regular old cotton. It naturally uses less pesticide and herbicide, grows faster than cotton. PLUS, an acre of hemp absorbs 5 times more carbon dioxide than an acre of forests which would play a role in curbing global warming. 

Linda Loudermilk uses bamboo, organic cotton, and soy blends in her luxury eco-friendly line. You can also check out Deborah Lindquist for vintage pieces and clothing made out of recycled fabric. If you need an even bigger selection of super amazing eco-friendly clothing check out Greenloop, Pangaya, and Coco's Shoppe. H&M and American Apparel even have fabulous eco-friendly items available! 

Natalie Portman in an eco-friendly dress from H&M's Conscious Collection.

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