L'IONCA | Iconic Ferragamo

Starting today, May 1st, the classic Vera pump by Ferragamo will be immortalized in an online project called "L'locona". The site being launched (http://icona.ferragamo.com/) will feature 21 days of modern fashionistas, who will be photographed as part of this project.

Each woman will be modelling a custom pair of the iconic Vera pumps. Jason Wu directed a video (see trailer above) featuring the 21 fashionistas! People like Camilla Belle, Olivia Palermo, Jessica Hart, Elettra Weidermann are featured as well as many more! You can see them twirling, photographing and being purely happy in the full video that you can see here.

As you know, I am a huge Camilla Belle fan and am told I am quite the doppelganger to her as well. Such a compliment!

Below, is Camilla's part of this fabulous project. You can see her personal video here.

"When I think of something iconic, I usually think of something that has a history: a photograph, a film, an old movie star, a singer, an artist. Iconic people and clothes come with a history and a story. What makes the Vera shoes so special is that is has a history: it was created in the seventies to be a heel that's accessible and still chic. Now there's so many colours in the Verina flat version, I wear them everyday - and feel like I'm wearing something that tells a story." 

Camilla is wearing a Ferragamo blush silk chiffon dress PS 2013. 

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