It's Me

Oh The Brunette Shake, the place where I used to go to share fashion love.

A lot has changed since I started this blog, most importantly ME. I've been working on my "come up" for a while now. Many life changes and experiences have shaped who I am today.
I no longer want to be categorized as a "fashion blogger", or let's say the "typical" fashion blogger. Let's allow The Brunette Shake to be a positive place online where women can connect about fashion, love, beauty and everything in between!
I want to be able to share my real life experiences with you and the world. This is the place to follow me on all my daily adventures and real life experiences! This new and improved site terrifies me as well as brings me great joy. It's going to be a very open place where I can answer all those weird questions and share those odd experiences that you may ask "am I the only one this happens to?!".
It's hard to be something you're not. I never was your typical fashion blogger. Sad part was, I really tried to be like everyone else. I looked at other successful blogs and tried to emulate or use their ideas to see if it worked for my blog. It never did. Why try to fit in when you were born to stand out?

Every fashion industry great that I have met, has told me within the first 5 minutes that I am something different. Some of the things I've been told are that I have an infectious laugh, kind eyes, a smile that lightens up the room and a genuinely sweet way about me. I have been compared to Audrey Hepburn on numerous occasions. So why hide behind the cookie-cutter fashion bloggers? Can't I show the world I really am something different?

 I have created wonderful relationships with extremely passionate people in the Fashion and Beauty industry, who have given me some of the best advice. I no longer want to try to be that overly confident girl that walks the NYC streets with my nose held high in the sky while I am missing all the things that catch my heart while I try to be "that girl" - the one I'm so NOT.  That's just not me. My closet might be full of Christian Louboutin's, Marc Jacobs dresses, Louis Vuitton handbags and Balenciaga pieces but I am still not your typical fashionista. Time to prove it!

Now, don't get me wrong. You will still see lots of my personal fashion choices, styling and beauty on The Brunette Shake. I mean, I can't hide that I've wanted Doc Martens since I was 7, those rainbow sparkle jelly sandals I had when I was 5 literally changed my life, the dresses I just loved to wear (purple plaid and a side pony tail was my thing. What can I say... I was a child of the '90's), wearing clip on earrings from my Nanny's costume jewelry collection, and so many more little fashion things that make up "me" from when I was a child till I can't hide my passion for fashion and my personal style.

The Brunette Shake now is going to be the place where I can share my life experiences, eco-fashion, pro-love, love and loss, shopping trips, modeling experience, the beauty pageant world, fashion, styling, beauty tips, daily happiness, goals and so much more.

This is my first post of a new era of The Brunette Shake!


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