Kill Them With Kindness

An incident occured yesterday in my personal life/work life that shook my world a little bit. I cannot get into details because of privacy issues. Honestly, she isn't even worth being mentioned. If someone can try to get you to lose your job and create havoc in your workplace, they really need to find something more positive to do with their time. Jealously and insecurity is a very terrible thing. If you're reading this, I hope you can find some positivity somewhere in life and can stay out of mine, you don't know me and I certainly do not care to know you.
There is nothing I dislike more than when women don't support other women.
Being harassed and yelled at, is not something that I am used to. People don't yell at me, and I rarely ever get into fights with people.
I don't like confrontation, and I'd rather kill people with kindness than anything else.
There needs to be more kindness in this world.
If you ever have issues with someone, the mature and better way to go about doing things is to simply send them a quick e-mail and be understanding yet get your point across.
There is an entire epidemic about the "Mean Girl". Why do we feel we even have to be mean? There shouldn't have to be meaness or negativity. A negative mind does not help you achieve anything positive.
If anyone approaches you and is ever mean, or rude; be sure to stay calm and remember that YOU ARE WONDERFUL! This person probably doesn't know you, and if they do, then I don't think they understand you fully.
As women, we need to support each other and empower each other. Enough of trying to tear people down to make yourself feel better! If you're having issues with jealousy or insecurity that's completely okay! It happens to everyone.
Since the incident, I have decided to write a series of blog posts on the "Mean Girl" epidemic, how to get self-esteem, how to handle confrontation, jealousy issues, and so much more! Like I said on February 1st, The Brunette Shake is no longer just a fashion blog. It's a positive place to connect and grow, while talking about women issues as well as fashion and beauty.

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Very very well said girl :)