My Valentine

Hello my beautiful readers!
I hope you all had a Valentine's Day full of love and laughter. I know I sure did. I was spoiled and surprised, it was the absolute best. I really enjoy spending my time with the one and only, and I can't wait to spend more and more time with him planning for our future.
We went to the mall to check out couples plans for cell phones, and while we were there we had a little adventure in the photobooth. Of course, being "us" we read the directions last and cut out our heads in the photos. Priceless. I think I like the photos even more since there is a story behind them!

My love made me dinner, red velvet heart shaped cupcakes...The bedroom floor was covered in heart shaped balloons, helium heart and Valentines Day balloons were floating all over the room, candles burning on every surface imaginable, the bed had a heart made out of little heart chocolates with a dozen roses laying inside of it with a super adorable white teddy bear, a box of chocolates and a bag full of goodies.

 Playing chocolate roulette in bed

A candid photo of us laughing when we couldn't get the camera to work. LOVE.
The entire evening was amazing, I honestly have never been so happy. I won't lie if you ask if there was whip cream involved...

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Prarthana Gogoi said...

Aww!! You both look lovely!