GlamST Launch

ATTENTION: Make-up queens and beauty gurus
GlamST is the super amazing platform where women can go and try on different make-up looks virutally, and without leaving the comfort of their own home!
Sometimes, women can find it embarrasing or hard to try on different looks at the make-up counter. Often, you don't want to spend money on make-up without trying it on! Imagine buying that 50$ lipstick and having it look awful on you once you get it home... dreadful, I know. GlamST has helped women out everywhere by launching this amazing site!
Head on over to GlamST and try on some looks. Did I mention that it's FREE to use?
You can try on new products from hot and trendy brands, there are make-up and beauty tips and tricks and so much more.
They have a "go girl!" philosophy which means that their goal is to make each and every woman feel beautiful. They help you find your best beauty looks!
The site is easy to use, and has many options. It's basically what me, you and every other woman has been waiting for!
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