Confessions of a Shopaholic : Volume 1

I have always loved fashion. Beautiful dresses. Strange hats. Vintage pieces... I find beauty in everything. It's almost become a flaw of mine.
I love to shop. That is no surprise. As a fashion journalist, I like to see the trends and rate them and experiment. However, I am not personally into the trends. I would rather buy one or two "trendy" pieces per season while saving for investment pieces like a 400$ surf blue Michael Kors Sophie bag, or a 895$ floral Red Valentino dress. 
I have always wanted to be able to share my investment pieces with my future daughter. Have her try on my Prada heels, wear my Chanel sunnies...
My fashion room was a delight. I could walk in and see everything that I loved on display in a beautiful way.
I used to love the sales. SALES! Sigh. My heart beat increases just thinking about it.
It shocked me how many "sale" items that I absolutely "needed" at the time of purchase that still have the tags on them. Purses, shoes, pants... everytime I purchase something just because it was a really good deal, I almost never end up wearing it.
My passion is fashion and styling. It's either your born with style or you're not. Luckily, I have been around to help many lost souls find a great looking outfit.
Having a closet/room full of shoes and dresses is a great thing. But the cost adds up, I had to change my spending habits and how I picked up pieces. I will never pretend to be something I'm not. My style hasn't changed for a long time. I wear a lot of gold, studs, pink, dresses, minimal accessories... My style has been described as edgy, feminine, boho, classic... All of these mixed into an outfit.
Shopaholic is me. Yes yes yes. I have finally admitted it to myself.
No shoes are worth maxing out your credit card if you're never going to wear them. Remember that!
This is only Volume 1 of the Shopaholic series. So next time, I will show you some tips/tricks that I have used to save money and stop spending!


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