Laugh the Loudest

 I love it when people laugh and their entire face lights up, a huge smile appears and the mood completely changes in the room.
In a World that is so negative and sad, there is also beauty and laughter. Never forget that! Frowning causes wrinkles.
What are a few things that make you laugh? Or that make you completely happy inside?
Happiness comes from the inside out.
Today, do a few things to make yourself,or others, smile. You could be the only smile they see all day, remember that! Kindness does still exist, so let's not let anyone forget that.
Here are some suggestions:
  • Eat some cotton candy
  • Pay it forward
  • Hit someone with an unsuspecting water balloon (in a nice, silly way)
  • Compliment a stranger on their outfit or their hair
  • Donate some of your old clothes to chairty
  • Volunteer
  • Write a love letter, or a letter "just because"

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